[Poland] Warsow, WWII and the Uprising

We woke up in Mykonos, took a plane to Athens and then another one to… Poland. Our plane landed smoothly in Warsaw, we picked up our backpacks and here they were: Asia and Maciej holding a lovely poster with our names! Smiling, happy, full of joy and energy, as they have always been, even after having had a 4 hours trip from Krakow to be on time to pick us up! Thank you guys, you are the best ;D

In fact, we had no idea about what we were going to do during our week in Poland, as Maciej had said: «No worries, just rely on us»… and so we did. We jumped into their car and went to Pawel and Joanna house. That was already a great start! We were going to spend with them the whole weekend, cooool!

It was curious. All of us were supposed to be really tired after such a short night, but we were plenty of energy instead! So we went to do a walk around Warsaw center while we started learning about the history of Poland, and specifically of Warsaw. A city that was completely destroyed during the WWII, and then rebuilt from scratch reusing the materials of the former buildings. A new city inspired in the old one, with almost no historical buildings, nor walls that can «tell you» what happened during those times.

That afternoon we had decided to go to experience new Pawel’s hobby: shooting! As soon as you arrive, you feel strange. Some dry and profound sounds are coming from the shots of the next room. Despite having shot during my year in the Air Force, I felt like a complete newbie and my hands were sweating. But with Pawel’s smile and Asia and Maciej assuring that everything was going to be all right and which were the important things to take into account, we started the shooting session. First Maciej and I shot with a rifle, you didn’t feel almost any backward movement from the weapon. Fast shots, one after the other. In the meanwhile, Asia and Mónica tried with a light gun. At the beginning Monica was scared, but after a few shots she became confident and adrenaline run through her veins. Very good accuracy to be her first time ever. (Video Mónica) We finished with some shots with a Glock. The self-balanced gun used by dozens of police departments around the world… and it was another story! (Video Juny) After such a formidable afternoon we had dinner in a really charming and delicious restaurant close to lake.  A perfect first day in Poland!

The day after we decided to go to the Uprising Museum in Warsow. It was raining, and for the first time in our trip we could take advantage of having carried raincoats with us, yeah! Half an hour of queue under the rain, chatting, laughing, and having good time. Though once we went inside, things became serious. I started to realize how tough the history of Poland has been, overall during the last century: WWII, invasion, cruelty, resistance, pride, honor, W hour, Uprising, fight,… these are the terms that come to my mind when I think of Warsaw.

Pizza at 50% discount (as it was weekend and eeeeveryone leaves the capital) and end of the day going up to the tallest building of Poland: the Palace of Culture and Science, including an marvellous sunset view.  Lucky guys!

Our last day in Warsaw started with an excellent brunch at home, and followed by a visit to the few remaining walls of the ghetto in Warsaw. When you are on site, you feel embraced by the history, you are there, in the same place but in different times. I was a very bad student regarding History, and now I feel kind of ashamed because of my lack of «general culture». Though on the contrary I am surprised of how interested I am becoming when I am present, surrounded by people that explain you plainly how things developed. And this is the way I’m understanding step by step our recent (and surprisingly inhuman) history.

Pawel, Joanna, Asia, Maciej: thank you so much for those days, for your time, your explanations, living with you, learning from you, enjoying every single moment! Next post: Krakow!

And now, finally… the photos!

2 comentarios en “[Poland] Warsow, WWII and the Uprising”

  1. Guys it’s amazing to see you in all these places!! Monica you are scary with a gun!! xD Juny I think counter strike will not be enough for you anymore… keep posting a lot! it’s really nice to live these places even through your eyes and it’s also good to know how much fun you are having 😉
    Big hug!

  2. Hahaha, you know that I have never been a counter strike master, but it seems that in real life it goes better :p We’ll keep posting as often as we can! Comments like this one encourages us to write more and more, thanks man! We miss you a lot guys 😉 Have fun!

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